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Koller New Products Promotion Meeting is coming

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The 18th Shanghai Refrigeration & Air Condition Expo


New Products Promotion Meeting


Koller 2017 new products promotion meeting for Slurry ice machine and Automatic ice block machine will be held in the 18th Shanghai Refrigeration & Air Condition Expo. We (Koller) have successfully researched and developed the new-generation slurry ice machine with the leading technology and creative ideas from the different ways in practicability, appearance, performance etc. New-generation slurry ice machine is convenient operation, high efficiency and high energy-saving, which is more suitable to meet different customers’ ice demands in different occasion.


Koller technical director Jun Wei:

Over thirty years working experience in ice making industry.

Pioneer of slurry ice machine in China.

Leader of direct cooling ice block technology.

Having various invention patents and practical certificates.


Slurry Ice Machine:

the mixture of fresh water and salt or sea water type ice.

Slurry ice is soft without edge, no damage to the surface of cooling product..

can completely cover the fish products; enter into the fish products interior.

Fast cooling speed, good chilling efficiency, super low power consumption.


Automatic Ice Block Machine:

Adopting aluminum plate to be direct cooling, auto water supplying and auto ice lifting system.

High production, fast freezing time, less installation space, flexibly to move.

Safe operation, low labour cost, ice blocks clean, and sanitary.


Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Centre

Time: Nov. 7th 14:00-15:00

Booth number: 3E458

We look forward to your arrival


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